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Senior and Brigader Activities and thoughts 1
Some explanation of the story to help you reflect on what it means, how this effects our lives to day and a prayer for you to share with family and friends
Seniors and Brigaders Refection and thou[...]
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Bible Reading: John 9:1-41 Jesus heals a man born blind

As he walked along, Jesus saw a man who had been born blind. Jesus walked towards him, then spat on the ground and made mud; he took the mud and spread it on the man’s eyes. Then he said, ‘Go and wash in the pool of Siloam.’ So the man went; he washed and suddenly he could see again!

People who saw him were puzzled. Wasn’t this the man who sat and begged? How can he now see?

The man told them, ‘Jesus spread mud on my eyes, and told me to go to Siloam and wash. I did and now I can see!’

The crowd took the man to the Pharisees and they asked him how he could see. The man replied, ‘Jesus spread mud on my eyes and told me to go to Siloam and wash. I did and now I can see.’

Now all this happened on the sabbath. Some of the Pharisees were angry and began to mutter. ‘This man is not from God, he doesn’t keep the sabbath.’ But others questioned, ‘Could he do this if he wasn’t from God?’ They couldn’t agree. So they asked the healed man what he thought. ‘Jesus is a prophet,’ he replied.

Still they couldn’t agree. So they asked the man’s parents, ‘Was he born blind?’ ‘Yes,’ they replied. But they were too scared to say how he had been healed.


Seniors and Brigaders: Are you worried about the current situation and want to talk to someone about how you are feeling, what will happen with exams, college applications or your own health? You are not alone but there are lots of people you can speak to about this. Please feel free to give captain a call or email. Or ring No Limits Southampton on 02380 224 224 to speak to a youth workers and have a look at the Ncounta and Nspire activities about kindness during this difficult time.

Seniors aged 11-13 follow the n:counta programme

Senior n:Counta GB@Home 1
Ncounta activities on being kind includes current theme on Corona virus, discussion topics and ways to actively show kindness to others safely during this period
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Brigaders 14-18 follow the n:spire programme

Brigaders n;spire GB@home 1
GB National GB@home ideas for Brigaders on kindness to others during this difficult time. Includes discussion and practical ideas to support and be kind to others.
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Corona Virus update


Unfortunately, our Wednesday GB meetings continue to be suspended until further notice following advice from the Government and GB Nationally. 


We are currently meeting by Zoom session in our groups and some online activties


See our Activities Page for GB@home for some Easter Activties



Explorers 5:30-7pm


5:45pm- 7:45pm


Subs just £15 per school term



   New Members Welcome


We are delighted that 1st Totton company celebrated our  88th birthday in 2020, despite a very strange year. 

We are company of approx 30 girls but there is room for a few more, especially in school  years 1 & 2 for our Explorer section.


We are currently meeting by Zoom session and online activties 

Please see information for parents page for more information



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