80th Anniversary Celebrations

In 2013 1st Totton Girls’ Brigade company celebrates it’s 80th anniversary contacted former members to share their memories, photo’s and information to help create a chronicle to document the history of the company and it’s many achievements. Along with our then brother orgnisation 1st Totton Boys Brigade, we held a number of events to celebrate our special anniversary.


We held a reunion and celebration evening in 6th of February, meeting up with ex members from 30 years ago. We also had a celebration disco for current members and sleepover. during the year it was also the  120th anniversary of Girls' Brigade Nationally.

1st Totton Chronicle


The company, originally formed as 1st Totton Girls’ Life Brigade at the Congregational Church in Totton High Street, relocated to the United Reformed Church in Bartrum Rd in the 1950’s.


Amalgamating with the Girls’ Guidry of Scotland and the Girls’ Brigade of Ireland in 1964 The Girls’ Life Brigade became the Girls’ Brigade. 1st Totton company went from strength to strength under the leadership of Mrs Glynis Arnold who encouraged girls and young women from all parts of the local community to get involved and use their talents in an award winning marching band and choir.


The company regularly appeared at both local and national events, being invited to sing and/or play at the Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Tournament, the Dell football ground and the Jersey Opera House as well as taking part in many competitions around the county.


Most Friday evenings and weekends were spent practicing and taking part in local fates, concerts, parades and carnivals, helping to raise money for various charities.


In the early 80’s the company was asked to represent the youth of Totton as part of the twinning between Totton & Eling and Le Loroux Botteroux (later the CC Loire Divatte) in France. This resulted in a number of visits to France, and on one occasion Germany, to play and sing as part of the twinning celebrations.


In 1991 the Company moved to West Totton, when the Untied Reformed Church merged with Totton Methodists and built Trinity Church on the newly developed housing estate, where the company still blossoms today.


Anyone who has information, stories and photo’s about any of the above events and could share them is asked to contact Mrs Wendy Southwell

1st Totton Chronicle Album

  Last updated              May 2022

   Breaking News


We Are Back!

This summer we wll be meeting back at Trinity Church for face to face meetings following advice from the Government and GB Nationally on current Covid guidelines. 

Our times have been revised following Covid to help ensure there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy all the activties and keep everyone safe


Explorers 6-7pm

Juniors 6-7pm


Subs just £15 per school term


Seniors 7:30-8:30pm

Brigaders 7:15-8:30pm


Subs £16.66 per school term


See Programme page for more information about our activties and Parents page for membership information         


Totton Fun Day


We hope to be taking part in the Totton Family Fun day on 11th June at Testwood school. Come along to say "hello".

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