1st Totton Boys' Brigade

Until 2014, Trinity Church also has a Boys' Brigade company. Although a seperate organisation in it's own right, our BB & GB companies often collaberated on events, projects and activties through out the year such as; Celebration evening, Family BBQ, Nativity play, Totton Carnival and the annual Enrolment service. 


Unfortunately, the BB company had to formally close at the beginning of 2014 due to the relocation of their Captain due to work. We are currently lunable to accommodate boys in in our GB company due to a lack of male leaders but pray this may happen in future or our BB company may reopen.



Boys in Girls' Brigade !

GB nationally now allows boys to become members of Girls Brigade and as a company this has been something we have considered.  However is it essential that we have a male leader willing to support the boys to attend and unfortunately, this is not somethng we can offer at this time. 


We have a long history of working well together with our former boys brigade company and would like to give the opportuity for boys and young men to take part and join in the fun. If you feel you could offer the support to do this and either have previous experiance as a leader in the Boys Brigade or are willing to train please contact Jan McCarthy

BB Captain relocating. Summer 2013

The Boys' Brigade Captain, Andrew Ferris and his wife Tracey, are relocating to West Sussex over the summer and we want to thank Andrew for the hard work and time he has given to the running and support of the company in recent years. We wish them both well, hope the house move goes well and that they will stay in touch.


however, this does leave the Company without a BB officer from September and the Church is currently looking into ways in which it can support the Company and it's members.


Please keep it in your prayers and thoughts 

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   Breaking News


We Are Back!

This summer we wll be meeting back at Trinity Church for face to face meetings following advice from the Government and GB Nationally on current Covid guidelines. 

Our times have been revised following Covid to help ensure there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy all the activties and keep everyone safe


Explorers 6-7pm

Juniors 6-7pm


Subs just £15 per school term


Seniors 7pm-8:30pm

Brigaders 7pm -8:30pm


Subs £16.66 per school term


See Programme page for more information about our activties and Parents page for membership information         


Totton Fun Day 11th June


We had a great day at Totton Fun day with our "Rat Race" game to day and it was wonderful to say hello to so many people. If you are thinking about joining us on Wednesday evenings, this website has lots of informaiton for you .

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