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The Juniors Page

The Junior section are girls aged from 8-11 years (school years 3-6) on Wednesday evening currently between 6-7pm

They love to have fun, fun and more fun at Girls' Brigade. They follow the n:gage programme which includes games and activites whilst looking at characters from the bible and learning from their adventures. We have a stong and lively Junior section led by Carole, Anna and Caitlyn.


They enjoy playing team games, making "dens", crafts and sharing stories.

Juniors have previously completed badges following the storys of Moses and Joseph, taken part in our choir at the National Music festival and recieved a trophy for their efforts. They also learned to play the recorder for their skills badge and were awarded  first place in Totton Carnival for our carnival float in June 2018. Juniors were treated to a trip to the panto at Romsey Plaza and also took a trip to Flipout Trampoline park with the GB District in.

 Juniors are presented their badges for all their hard work at the end of the term and at our annual celebration evening in July


Uniform: Our Juniors wear;

  • Turquoise GB poloshirt,
  • Navy GB hoodie,
  • Navy trousers with the GB logo or Navy Skort.
  • Plimsoles or trainers.

Because Junior have a range of activties we encourage them to wear the GB uniform to protect their own clothes and school uniform. When they do some of the more messy acitvties like cooking or crafts, we have aprons for them to protect their GB Uniform. Wearing trainers or plimsoles during the evening mean they are always ready to join in a game, sport or learn a new dance. 

 Last updated September 23

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Back to Brigade


We look forward to  welcoming everyone back to GB on Wednesday 13th September

Explorers 6-7pm

Juniors 6-7pm

Subs just £20 per school term

Seniors 7pm-8:30pm

Brigaders 7pm -8:30pm

Subs £25 per school term



90th Anniversary Celebrations


Our GB Company turns 90 this year, havng been formed in 1933 at the then Congregational Church in Totton High Street.

We are celebratied with a special service on 2nd July and hope more celebrations in October for our annual enrolment service

See Programme page for more information about our activties and Parents page for membership information   

New Uniform Available  

Had a growth spert over the summer? New uniform can be purchased at the GB National website or swapped out like for like on GB evenings.  

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