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After 18 months of GB online, due to Covid restrictions, we are starting back on 15th September for face to face meetings, following the guidance of both goverment and GB national advice to help keep all our members and leaders safer while nejoying all the activities.


There will be a few changes intiially to our previous meetings with the Explore and Junior sections meeting at the same time 6-7pm before a deep clean of the space and then the Seniors and Brigaders meeting between 7:30 and 8:30pm.


The leaders will review this at October half term with views from GB members, parents and latest Goverement informaiton on the situation regards the Covid Virus.


At the moment, activties will just be on Wednesday evenings but as we start to return to increased levels of activtiy with in the new "normal", we hope to explore and commence a wider programme of activties.

These pages explain about the work that the different sections do each week at GB and celbrate their achieivements.


Explorers 5-7 years Follow the n:vestigate programme

Juniors 8-10 years follow the n:gage programme

Seniors 11-13 years follow the n:counta programme

Brigaders 14 years + work toward their Brigaders Brooch, Leadership Awards and Duke of Edinburgh Awards


Click on the "learn  more" button  on the individual sections below to find out more information

Our GB Sections

Weekly activities and information about the different age groups within our company.


For 5-7 year olds, a range of fun activties to help young girls develop within an informal education setting, building their confidence and self esteem.


For girls aged 8-11 years we provide plenty of oppotunity to develop positive friendships learn new skills and find out more about themselves and the world we share.


Our Seniors are 11-13 years old and enjoy a range of ativties which promote a healthy life syle and develop practical life skills in a friendly environment


At 14+ years, our Brigaders can opt to complete their Duke Of Edinburgh Award along side developing Leadership skills and gaining their Brigaders Brooch

What will we be doing? Auturm term 2021

Each section will have their own activties planned for the evening along the following lines:


Week 1 -Welcome back: whats new or changed since we last saw each other?

What does GB look like now?


Week 2 - Celebrating Harvest; Games, crafts, stories & more with a harvest related theme, giving thanks for harvests of all kinds.


Week 3  - Continuing our Harvest theme 


Week 4  - Continuing our Harvest theme


Week 5 -  Continuing our Harvest theme 


Week 6 - Enrolement and awards evening Celebrting all the acheivements over the last 18 months by giving out awards and certificates of membership


26th October Half Term




We like to get feeback on how we are doing and what our members enjoy about Girls' Brigade

Can you write a piece to go on this website about your GB experiance?

What acitivites have you taken part recently, what do you enjoy about coming to GB, do you have a photo of something you made at GB. Send it to Captain to upload on this website.

  Last updated September 2021

   Breaking News


We Are Back!

From 15th September we wll be meeting back at Trinity Church for face to face meetings following advice from the Government and GB Nationally on current Covid guidelines. 

Our times will be limited to start with as we adjust back after not meeting for nearly 18 months and we will have some additonal meansure in place to keep everyone safe


Explorers 6-7pm

Juniors 6-7pm


Subs just £15 per school term


Seniors 7:30-8:30pm

Brigaders 7:30-8:30pm


Subs £16.66 per school term


See Programme page for more information about our activties and Parents page for membership information         


New Captain 


After nearly 20 years as company Captain, Jan McCarthy iis stepping down from this role from September 2021 and Louise Yates will be taking this on in an acting capacity in the interim period. 

We thank Jan for all she has done while she continues to support the Brigaders with their DofE awards and various activties.


We also ask for your continued  support for Louise as she takes on this new role within GB enablng our company to continue

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