1st Totton Company
1st Totton Company

Company Programme 

Autumn 2023 


With it being our 90th year we are encouraging the girls to learn a little about Girls' Brigade and our company history this term along side our usual weekly games and activties.

We hope to celebrate this on our annual rededication and enrolement service on 15th October. Atfer half term we are planning to take part and represent both GB and Trinity Church Totton in the Totton Remembrance Parade on 12th November and start preparing to celebrate advent and Christmas.


These pages explain about the work that the different sections do each week at GB and celbrate their achieivements.


Explorers 5-7 age Follow the n:vestigate programme

Juniors 8-10  ages follow the n:gage programme

Seniors 11-13 ages follow the n:counta programme

Brigaders 14+ age group work toward their Brigaders Brooch, Leadership Awards and Duke of Edinburgh Awards


Click on the "learn  more" button  on the individual sections below to find out more information

Our GB Sections

Weekly activities and information about the different age groups within our company.


For 5-8 year olds, a range of fun activties to help young girls develop within an informal education setting, building their confidence and self esteem.


For girls aged 8-11 years we provide plenty of oppotunity to develop positive friendships learn new skills and find out more about themselves and the world we share.


Our Seniors are 11-14 years old and enjoy a range of ativties which promote a healthy life syle and develop practical life skills in a friendly environment


At 14+ years, our Brigaders can opt to complete their Duke Of Edinburgh Award along side developing Leadership skills and gaining their Brigaders Brooch

What will we be doing over the summer 2023? 


GB At home for Summer: Just because we are not meeting over the summer holidays does not stop you being a Girls' Brigade member. All the sections have received a pack of age related activties to do abouth the Story of Jesus Feeding the 5000 and our GB motto, Seek, Serve and Follow Jesus, over the summer holidays to keep them busy over the long break and if the weather is not as nice as we would hope.


Bring back some of the completed crafts and projects to GB in September to gain an extra badge for your badge bag collection.  


We like to get feeback on how we are doing and what our members enjoy about Girls' Brigade

Can you write a piece to go on this website about your GB experiance?

What acitivites have you taken part recently, what do you enjoy about coming to GB, do you have a photo of something you made at GB. Send it to Captain to upload on this website.

 Last updated September 23

   Breaking News

Back to Brigade


We look forward to  welcoming everyone back to GB on Wednesday 13th September

Explorers 6-7pm

Juniors 6-7pm

Subs just £20 per school term

Seniors 7pm-8:30pm

Brigaders 7pm -8:30pm

Subs £25 per school term



90th Anniversary Celebrations


Our GB Company turns 90 this year, havng been formed in 1933 at the then Congregational Church in Totton High Street.

We are celebratied with a special service on 2nd July and hope more celebrations in October for our annual enrolment service

See Programme page for more information about our activties and Parents page for membership information   

New Uniform Available  

Had a growth spert over the summer? New uniform can be purchased at the GB National website or swapped out like for like on GB evenings.  

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